About Douglas Hicton

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, I have been writing songs and other music since I was eight, which means 47 years now. My works include the musicals All Our Yesterdays (music & lyrics, with book by Ken Mitchell), Birth of a Bright Idea (music & lyrics, with book by Harvey Linnen), The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (music & lyrics, with book by me and Richard Lawton), and Sarah Binks (music, with lyrics by Paul Hiebert and book by Ken Mitchell), as well as incidental music for Larry Gelbart’s Sly Fox, Jerome Chodorov’s Three Bags Full, and Jean Anouilh’s The Enchanted, scores for the films Frankenstein and 1984 (directed by Don Campbell), and orchestrations for The Pirates of Penzance and Thespis by Gilbert & Sullivan.

For some 35 years, i have also been a writer and editor, as well as a book and theatre reviewer for eyeWEEKLY Magazine in Toronto from 1995 to 2003. I worked as a radio copywriter in Regina and Toronto, including a stint as the Creative Director at CHFI and 680News, logging some 700 commercials and winning the Orson Welles Award for “outstanding creativity in radio commercial production” from the Radio Advertising Bureau.

In 2007, I  appeared on Jeopardy!, winning three regular-season games and placing second in that year’s Tournament of Champions. I am currently the highest-winning Canadian in the show’s history.

And I have sung tenor in the Chancel Choir at Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church, Toronto, for almost a decade. So there it is. . .  WORDS & MUSIC!


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